How Trees Add Value To The Energy Sector

Planting trees has always been encouraged majorly because of their massive contribution to the environment. But most people do not realize that trees can cause energy conservation.

 Planting the right tree in the right place is key to saving on energy. Here are ways how trees add value to the energy sector.

They provide shade, which saves energy

Trees are necessarily essential since they provide shade to their surrounding during hot weather. The shade reduces the cots of air conditioning for the home.

Plant deciduous trees that shed leaves during winter. They provide shade and block their surrounding from heat. Dropping leaves in fall allows for light to penetrate since it’s usually cold.

Plant these trees on both the south and west sides of the home. Ensure they are located in the right place to provide shade for all paved areas such as sidewalks, driveways, and patios.

Windbreakers to their surrounding 

Trees act as wind barriers during cold weather hence reducing the need for heating at home. Cold winter winds penetrate through small openings and drive away heat from the building.

Trees that act as windbreakers are characterized by canopies that extend towards the ground. Their branches should also keep foliage even in winter. These are the evergreens. Example trees that can perform this function are; evergreen shrubs, firs, spruces, Junipers, among others.

Wind barrier trees should be planted towards the north, northwest, and west sides of any building. They are grown in straight or curved rows. Additionally, plant them close enough so that their crowns meet.

Cool the environment

Trees are known to cool their surrounding by evapotranspiration or through shading.  But, trees also act as coolants by reflecting light and heat up to the environment than paved surfaces.

Trees along with the cool reflective roofs are essential in reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect. They again reduce the need for air conditioning.


  • Always plant trees some distance away from sidewalks and pavements to provide room for the canopy to develop.
  • Plant trees far from power lines’ location since their canopies may cause power surges and more maintenance costs.
  • Research the characteristics of a tree before planting them in your yard. That’s because some trees may form huge companies when mature and should therefore be grown at a specified distance from buildings.
  • To get the best energy-saving results, plant the tree in the right direction of the buildings.

Need an Expert?

All these processes may be overwhelming for anyone who is not a professional. However, considering an expert’s help may be the right solution to ease the burden and still enjoy your home’s energy conservation.

Imperial tree removal service is the best option. They will solve all your tree planting, removal, and maintenance needs.


Energy conservation is very vital in our lives. Look out for trees that help you save on energy costs and plant them around buildings. Also, growing trees will purify the air and act as coolants during hot conditions. They balance the temperature in places where they are planted.