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Can Gravity Be Used As Renewable Energy?

Gravitational force is something that will exist even when man ceases to survive. So, can a man use gravity to generate energy without interfering with the environment? With the help of physics, most scientists and companies are already trying to solve this puzzle that has been around for a very long time now.

As early as 2014, the world believed that gravity could not be used as a source of energy. Some valid reasons were given. One of the reasons given is that gravity is a force and not the energy itself. That gravity only provides unidirectional energy exchange and transformation to different states for the objects.

A New Point Of View

However, researchers are coming up with gravity-powered electric generators and lighting systems in their quest to solve the puzzle.

In a video, a scientist demonstrates how mass and gravity can be used to produce electric power! He uses old clocks gearing and weights to turn a small homemade neodymium generator.

New Innovations

Innovative ideas have already been put into practice and we can see gravity being used as renewable energy.

In an idea to create a gravity-powered lamp, a model known as Gravia uses a simple weight on a ball screw to generate energy and power the lightbulb.

As the weight slides down the screw for more than four hours, the friction powers the lamb. However, a user has to physically bring the weight to the lamp after four hours.

In Switzerland, the Linthal Hydropower plant uses gravity to produce gravitational energy equal to a modern nuclear power plant. They use a simple concept here. When energy consumption increases, the release of the water and the high gravitational force causes water to flow through the huge turbines, generating electricity.

When the energy consumption decreases, the water is pumped back to the reservoirs until when consumption increases.

The power generated through this process is over 1450 megawatts, enough to serve over a million homes.

An Edinburgh-based energy company is also working on generating electricity from gravity.

With a lot of concrete, strong cables, and winding gear, high towers can be built or instead, find deep holes on the ground (like the mines).

The company plans to build a tower in Edinburgh to prove the concept of Graviticity-generating energy from gravity.

The company also wants to use mines that are closing to make use of the deep holes. The company is discussing this with mine owners in the UK, South Africa, Czech Republic, Finland, and Poland.

The company plans on using 24 weights, equalling 12,000 tonnes in the mine shafts. The weights could be released one by one or in combination, depending on the demand.

This apparatus is estimated to power over 63,000 homes every hour. The weights can then be recharged without any degradation.


It is clear that gravitational energy can have a great impact on man and the planet. If gravity is our future’s source of energy, then it holds more benefits towards attaining clean and renewable energy because gravity is not running out any time.